The Top 7 Best Dispensaries in Denver (2023)

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If you live in the Denver area or you are simply traveling through, you have access to some of the dispensaries in the state. As a metro hot spot for cannabis in Colorado, many of the best dispensaries in Denver have made a big name for themselves in the world of weed. To help you track down the best places to find top-shelf cannabis and top-level customer service, we’ve got a list of the best Denver dispensaries below.

Best Dispensaries in Denver 2023

1. Simply Pure

Simply Pure has been considered one of the best dispensaries in Denver since we opened our doors in 2010. Our team is built of politically active, warriors of social justice that have worked hard to inspire cannabis acceptance and deliver some of the most reliably made cannabis products available in the state. Our dispensary was also one of the very first opened by a Black female, our CEO, the highly regarded Wanda James. Simply Pure sinks every ounce of its dedication to quality into building a dispensary menu for customers they can appreciate.

With one of the most trusted collections of flower, edibles, tinctures, and more, you can count on Simply Pure whether you’re all new to cannabis or a seasoned shopper with eclectic tastes for only premium products. And, the Simply Pure shopping experience is nothing short of a pleasure with immediate access to guidance and education. Our dispensary has over 1,000 positive reviews from happy customers on Google who mention individually catered customer service, an unmatched collection, and obvious dedication to quality. The dispensary is situated in the LoHi district in the Highlands. You’ll find us at the corner of West 32nd Avenue and Tejon Street

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2. Green Dragon

Green Dragon is one of the most recognized cannabis dispensaries in Colorado due to its astounding number of locations across the state, including in Denver. Even with so many dispensaries, Green Dragon maintains its stellar reputation for offering one of the most straightforward, friendly shopping experiences. Every location has an extensive collection of concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and flower, as well as its own in-house products. Customers who stop in at a Green Dragon dispensary claim that the locations are always welcoming, and you rarely walk away without finding what you need. You will find Green Dragon dispensaries in East, West, and Central Denver.

3. Native Roots

Native Roots has been a go-to cannabis dispensary in Denver since 2010, and part of its staying power is its top-notch product selection and a huge fanbase. Plus, with a dedication to social responsibility and supporting the ever-evolving cannabis industry, Native Roots truly does its part. These dispensaries are highly regarded for their clean, welcoming environment with a vast product selection. You’ll find several native Roots dispensaries in Denver, including one in the Highlands, another on South Colorado Boulevard, and one on 58th Avenue.

4. High Level Health

You can’t discuss the best Denver dispensaries without mentioning High Level Health. High Level Health has a reputation for its premium cannabis products, many of which have been recognized with awards for quality, flavor, and effects. Their dispensaries are just as noteworthy, with access to affordable daily deals and a friendly collection of staff members ready to serve every customer. The brand focuses on bringing strains to life with all-natural cultivation processes and a sincere dedication to the end-user experience. HLH has dispensaries on Market Street, East Colfax, and Lincoln Street.

5. Frost Exotic Cannabis

Recently rebranded but still just as much one of the best dispensaries in Denver Colorado, Frost Exotic Cannabis is a local favorite. Frost Exotic has a warm, welcoming ambiance with one of the most gorgeous cannabis displays around. The dispensary is known for offering hard-to-find cannabis products and providing excellent deals on premium cannabis and concentrates. Visitors claim the dispensary is a preferred stopping point in the area because everyone inside is so knowledgeable and nice. If you want to visit Frost Exotic Cannabis, look for them on West Alameda Avenue.

6. The Green Solution

The Green Solution is one of the most frequented dispensaries in Denver, and it is easy to see why. A family-owned and Colorado-based dispensary, The Green Solution has a fine collection of flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and other cannabis products. And, customers claim that this particular dispensary has an impressive collection of brand varieties with budtenders always friendly and ready to help. The store is located in downtown Denver, just a few city blocks from Union Station, on Wewatta Street.

7. L’Eagle

L’Eagle is known as one of the best Denver dispensaries for several reasons. This cannabis store has been around for over a decade and focuses on providing clean, high-quality cannabis that people have grown to love. L’Eagle is actually one of the few dispensaries in the area that is a Certified Green Business, and they put a substantial amount of focus into sustainable operations in everything they do. You’ll find L’Eagle and its incredible collection of organically grown and carefully vetted cannabis products right in central Denver on Quivas Street.

Visit One of the Best Dispensaries in Denver Colorado: Simply Pure

With cannabis growing to be a therapeutic, enjoyable mainstay in the lives of so many people, we couldn’t be more proud to be one of the forerunners in the state. If you’re planning to shop for cannabis or cannabis products in Denver, be sure to stop in and see us at Simply Pure. We love serving the customers that need us, and our team is passionate about sharing cannabis knowledge. Feel free to give us a call with questions and check out our online menu to browse our inventory or order ahead for pickup.

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