The 5 Best Concentrates in Denver, Colorado (2023)

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When you’re searching for the best concentrates in Denver, you’ve got options. At Simply Pure, we’re proud to be the best Denver dispensary for concentrates, whether you’re looking for rosin, resin, budder, or another creative offering from one of our concentrate providers.


Using Cannabis Concentrate

Not sure how to begin your cannabis concentrate journey? No worries–we’re here to help. Using concentrate is a great way to get a high level of THC. Whether you’re interested in using a dry pipe, bong, or a dab rig, we can help. When you stop in to check out our cannabis concentrate options, just ask one of our friendly budtenders to walk you through the process.

Best Concentrates in Denver 2023

Concentrate can be a great way to get the THC that you want–fast. Let’s dive in and check out the best concentrates available in Denver, CO.

1. Clutch Extracts

Operating in Southern Colorado, Clutch Extracts offers several strains of concentrates, including:

  • Cake and Ice Cream
  • Gelato (live resin)
  • Gelato D (wax)
  • MAC (live resin)
  • Purple Cake (live resin)
  • Tropicana Cookies (live resin)
  • White Glue (wax)

Clutch Extracts is a vertically integrated company, as they produce and process cannabis products. According to grow house visitors, their process is immaculate–and you’ll be able to taste the quality that you get from Clutch. With pristine facilities and growers committed to perfecting their craft, the crew at Clutch is proud to provide customers with live resins and waxes that can help create your ideal cannabis experience.

2. Dutch Botanicals

Taking a living soil approach to cannabis production, the team at Dutch Botanicals believes in paying careful attention to every step of the concentrate development process. The company believes that their living soil approach–utilizing diverse bacteria and microorganisms in the soil used during the growth process–allows cannabis to become its best. Dutch Botanicals customers know they’re getting a pure product, developed without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that can interfere with a positive weed experience.

Strains produced by Dutch Botanicals include:

  • GMO (live rosin)
  • Grumpz (live rosin)
  • Grumpz Hybrid (live rosin)
  • Pura Vida (live rosin)

3. Green Dot Labs

Premium cannabis concentrate company Green Dot Labs offers flower, live resin, and live rosin products, providing customers with potent levels of THC that make for an exciting smoking experience. Green Dot Labs is Colorado’s longest-running cultivation and extraction company, and the team at Green Dot has spent years working to create the purest concentrate possible.

Concentrate strains produced by Green Dot Labs include:

  • A5 Waygu (live rosin badder)
  • Gas Cap (live badder)
  • Lime Heads Hybrid (live badder)
  • Papaya Mousse (live badder)
  • Rapture (live rosin badder)
  • Rapture x Rainbow Bells (live badder)
  • Thunderdome Hybrid (hash full spectrum extract)


Colorado cannabis concentrate company HRVST labs creates recreational cannabis products in small-batch format, allowing customers to enjoy a premium concentrate experience. The company was founded in 2009 and offers more than 40 strains, creating the chance for consumers to develop exactly the cannabis experience that they want. The company is also praised for its high-quality edibles.

Concentrate options from HRVST include:

  • Chem Brulee (wax)
  • Gelato Moon Haze (wax)
  • Hazelnut Hybrid (live badder)
  • Lilac Diesel (sugar wax)
  • Lilac Diesel (wax)
  • Mac Diesel (sugar wax)
  • Pineapple Chunk (sugar wax)
  • Star Dawg (live badder)
  • Strawberry Blonde (live sugar)
  • Tropical Ice (pure wax)

5. Lazercat

The team at Lazercat is proud to meld art, science, and nature to create solventless hash, leaving you with cannabis products that you can feel good about consuming. The environmentally conscious company works to cool their grow roomswith filtered air, rather than using AC, as they constantly work to lower their carbon footprint. All Lazercat products are developed, grown, processed, and packaged in-house.

Concentrate strain options from Lazercat include:

  • Becky Got Back (rosin badder)
  • Born 2 Mack (rosin badder)
  • Death Jam (live rosin badder)
  • Fake Runtz (rosin badder)
  • Hologram (rosin badder)
  • Purple Geode (rosin badder)
  • Triks (rosin lava–works well in dab pens)
  • Ultimate Chem 91 (rosin badder)

Simply Pure: Your Denver Home for Weed Concentrates

At Simply Pure, we’re not just here to sell you honey oil–we’re here to help you cultivate an amazing experience. Whether you’re looking for the best concentrates in Denver, pre-rolls, edibles, or another weed product, we’ve got you covered. Stop in or take your time browsing our online shop–we can’t wait to get to know you!


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