The 7 Best Vape Carts and Pens in Denver (2023)

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From live resin carts to out-of-this-world disposables, you can find the best THC carts in Colorado. CO is proud to be the home of some of the most respected cannabis brands in the country, like Green Dot Labs and Binske. So, finding top-shelf vape cart and pen options is never a trying feat. Check out the best vape carts in Colorado, as well as where to buy vapes in Denver below.

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Top Disposables and Best Vape Carts in Denver

1. Rainbow Layer Cake Sauce Cart by Binske

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • Top Flavor Notes: Buttery sweet and vanilla

If your idea of the best THC carts in Colorado is those that deliver a balanced high and loads of flavor, look for the Rainbow Layer Cake sauce cart from Binske. This cart is made with live sauce, which means you get tons of terps in every hit. This hybrid strain tastes straight-up like a rich, buttery cake, and the effects leave you happy and euphoric mentally but physically chill.

2. Triangle Mintz Disposable from Clutch Express

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • Top Flavor Notes: Blue cheese and mint

An almost-classic strain with a stellar reputation, Triangle Mintz is a potent cultivar with an exceptionally pungent cheese-meets-mint flavor. This hybrid strain leans a little on the energetic side, oftentimes leaving you feeling focused and uplifted instead of ready for bed. The Triangle Mintz disposable from Clutch Extracts stays true to the strain with the same trademark flavor and effects.

3. Durban Poison Cart from O.Pen

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • Top Flavor Notes: Earth, spice, and sage

Undeniably, one of the best vape pens in Colorado, the Durban Poison vape cart from O.pen is robustly flavored and possibly one of the most energetic carts you can find. Durban Poison is known among cannabis enthusiasts as a strain because it has such a highly potent level of aromatics and flavor. But it is also highly revered for its rapid pick-me-up that leaves you feeling focused and ready to take on the day.

green dot live resin

4. Pie Face Live Resin Cart by Green Dot Labs

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • Top Flavor Notes: Sweet tea and rose

Green Dot Labs is known for making some of the best disposable vape pens in Colorado, and we can’t get enough of the Pie Face vape. Made with pure live resin straight from the strain, this vape has a lightly sweet flavor that tastes like hints of tea and rose. The overall effects are insanely mood-boosting: you feel giggly and euphoric with a dash of physical tingles, which works perfectly on a bad day.

5. Impeachmint #2 Live Rosin Cart from Olio

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • Top Flavor Notes: Fruit and mint

A top pick from highly respected brand Olio, the Impeachmint #2 live resin cart is just as easy to appreciate as the brand itself. This fruity-flavored, mint-laced vape flavor comes to life with every hit. And the effects are a nice even-keeled balance between uplifted euphoria and total relaxation.

6. Grape Nerds Rosin Cart from Lazercat

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • Top Flavor Notes: Sweet grapes

Lazercat is known for producing some of the most unique strains and then taking those strains to create the best vape pens in Denver. A true favorite in our dispensary is Grape Nerds. Much like you would expect, this vape has a candy-tinged flavor that has a telltale note of grapes and fruit. The top-level effect is mental uplift, but you will be treated with a case of giggles and an unmatched body calm.

7. Northern Lights Cart from O.Pen

  • Lineage: Indica
  • Top Flavor Notes: Citrus and pine

Another perfect pick from O.pen, the Northern Lights vape cart is bound to leave you starry-eyed and immersed in absolute bliss. Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant strain that works out delightfully at the end of a long day. At the tail of the citrus and pine flavor, you’ll find yourself locked into a calm mental state where sleep comes easily and all seems right with the world.

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