The Top 5 Best Edibles in Denver (2023)

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Tracking down the best edibles in Denver dispensaries is no easy feat—Colorado is home to one of the finest collections of edibles brands in the country. To help you track down a few top picks that get many noteworthy nods, we’ve got you covered with the best recreational edibles for 2023.

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Best Edibles in Denver 2023

1. Good Tide Solventless Hash Rosin Gummies

Hash rosin gummies from Good Tide offer a more flavorful THC gummy that is more closely modeled after the cannabis strain. These gummies are made with hash rosin that is wholly free of solvents, which means the gummy contains those original terpenes from the plant for full-spectrum effects. And, with flavorful options like Sativa Pineapple, you have no problem understanding why these THC gummies are considered some of the best edibles in Denver.

2. Coda Signature Chocolate Bars

Coda Signature is a big name when it comes to the best edibles in Denver, but their top product option for the year is undeniably their Coda Signature chocolate bars. These decadent treats are all-out delicious with flavors like Maple & Pecan and Toffee & Sea Salt, both with 100 mg of THC. However, the brand also offers 1:1 choices that offer a balance of CBD and THC in flavors like Coffee & Doughnuts or Cream & Crumble.

3. Dialed In Liquid THC Gummies

An incredible twist on a tried-and-true favorite, Dialed In Liquid THC Gummies taste like gummies but are in liquidized form. These edibles work out perfectly for microdosing or when you want to add a dose of cannabinoids to a beverage. Dialed In was already known for offering the best recreational edibles in Denver, but the addition of liquid gummies in flavors like Banana Cake Batter and Florida Kush truly pushed the brand over the top.

4. Dixie Cannabis Elixir Drinks

Cannabis drinks have grown to become some of the best recreational edibles, and Dixie Elixir Drinks are a good example of why. These faster-acting edibles deliver effects quickly due to rapid absorption, and the effects are far easier to gauge and build upon to get where you want to go. A few top options you’ll find from Dixie include Berry Lemonade and Fruit Punch, both of which contain 100 mg of THC.

5. WYLD THC Gummies

One of the biggest names in THC gummies, WYLD cannabis gummies offers a premium mix of edibles with various cannabinoid concentrations and flavors. These are often considered some of the best edibles in Denver purely because they are made to such high standards and the collection is so diverse. You’ll find opinions like 20:1 CBD and THC Strawberry Gummies and Sour Apple Sativa Enhanced Gummies on dispensary menus.

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