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Dialed In Gummies

Dialed in Gummies are cannabis rosin edibles available in a variety of strains. The company offers both Dialed in liquid gummies and solid gummies.

My final Dialed In Gummies review is that they get an A. Everything from the sparkling package to the amazing yet simple process itself is why these are flying off the shelves in dispensaries. It's going to be hard not to try them all and see which ones can help with sleep or the day-to-day stress of life.

While I have found edibles good for pain relief in larger douses, it also means they make me too stoned for most day-to-day activities. Because of this I generally prefer to dab my meds, but Dialed In Gummies have arrived to shake up my routine. This definitely results in me feeling the medical benefits more from smaller doses. Two had me feeling better, with three being my sweet spot.

If you have things “dialed in,” you’re winning, and so is this rosin-based edible brand. In two years, they’ve collaborated with dozens of Colorado growers to produce small batches of strain-specific rosin gummies in rotating strains and flavors; recent batches are made from Oreoz, Mac, and Super Lemon Haze; flavors run the gamut of exotic fruits, from dragon fruit to guava and papaya.

Dialed In Gummies:

Product Info

Dialed In Gummies is based in Colorado and specializes in making high quality rosin edibles. Every batch is infused with a solventless rosin processed from strain specific collaborations with some of the finest cultivators in Colorado.

Dialed In Gummies FAQs

Are Dialed in Gummies vegan?

Yes, Dialed in Gummies are vegan.

How strong are Dialed in Gummies?

Dialed in Gummies are 10mg THC each, with a total of 100g THC per package.

How do I Open Dialed In Gummies

Curious about how to open Dialed In gummies? Simply press down on the lid and turn.

How are Dialed in Gummies made?

Dialed in Gummies are made using a solventless sous vide process.

How many Dialed in Gummies should I take?

Start slow! Have one gummy, wait at least 90 minutes for it to take effect, then decide if you’d like another.

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