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Clutch Extracts

Clutch Extracts is a recreational cannabis company that operates out of southern Colorado. The company is also known for offering third party processing services to licensed dispensaries.

clutch extracts

I was first introduced to Clutch Extracts through RIPE dispensary in Pueblo Colorado. The concentrate company became appealing to me right away when they were running some of the strains bread and grown by Dank By Pank. Lucky Charms has been a strain I always enjoyed so I grabbed one of those and tried it out. The flavors and smoothness that came from the first dab smoked of the gram was unlike anything else. The tropical sweetness is what Lucky Charms is known for and the flavors were all there.

Pretty much everything I’ve had from Clutch Extracts has been a swift kick of either citrus or pine. This True Power OG has a bit of both but is more on the piney side. It’s a zingy, speedy, daytime energizing shot of yum, welcome considering I have only had caffeine once in the last two months. Hopefully we’ll see more labs go deep on extraction and create a new world of artisanal craft.

Clutch Extracts:

Product Info

The Clutch Extracts product line includes:

  • Cake and Ice Cream (live resin)
  • Gelato (live resin)
  • Gelato D (wax)
  • MAC (live resin)
  • Purple Cake (live resin)

Not sure which Clutch Extracts offering is the right fit for you? No worries–when you stop into Simply Pure, we’ll talk with you about the experience you want from your THC and help you find the perfect product for your needs.

Clutch Extracts FAQs

How do I use live resin?

Usually, most people enjoy using live resin by dabbing or vaping. Others prefer to sprinkle live resin over their joints prior to smoking.

How should live resin be stored?

Live resin is waxy, so you’ll want to be sure to store it at cooler temperatures whenever possible.

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